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Building bridges between the peoples of Asia and Europe

Welcome to the website of the ASEF University Alumni Network. ASEFUAN is a grouping of young leaders from 49 Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) countries who share a strong interest in the promotion of inter-cultural relations between Asia and Europe.

ASEFUAN was founded in Bali in April 2002 by the graduates of the ASEF University Programme, a project organised by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) which brings together some of the most outstanding students and young professionals in Asia and Europe. ASEFUAN became an international non-profit organisation (Association Internationale sans but lucratif, AISBL) under Belgian law on 6 August 2009.

Our members are typically university graduates in the fields of Social and Political Science, Economics, Law and Business and we currently have a membership of more than 600 in all ASEM countries. We hold as our aims the strengthening of cross-cultural ties and the promotion of excellence within our membership as well as the fostering of Asia-Europe relations at a grass roots and local community level.

ASEFUAN organises activities to maintain and reinforce the relationships forged among participants of the ASEF University programme and undertakes projects to promote a meaningful intercultural dialogue between Asia and Europe, particularly among the younger generation.


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What Our Members Say

In 2001 I attended the ASEF Summer-school in Singapore, it was my first time in Asia. Following the summer school I refocused my studies on Asian Studies and now 12 years later I have lived, studied and worked in Asia for 10 years (5 countries). I was even introduced to the love of my life through an ASEFUAN alumni friend of mine. How my life would have looked different if I would not have been invited to the ASEF Summer school in January 2001.
Bastian, Netherlands, AU4
ASEF University was a once in a lifetime opportunity to share common passions and learn from each other, despite our diverse backgrounds! I’m blessed to call a bunch of kindred spirits across continents, my friends. Beyond a doubt, the AU program is generous gift to any young person!
Cathy, Philippines, AU12
The AU offered me the first time going outside of my country and provided me with an international network. After the amazing experience, my horizon has been expanding and I started thinking beyong nation or region to be a global citizen.
Ray, China, AU18
ASEFUAN is a place to grow!
Heng, Cambodia, AU17
AU18 gave me the opportunity to meet young, motivated, like-minded people from over 42 countries and to learn from their own experiences in their work on environment-related initiatives.
Carlos, Spain, AU19
ASEFUAN gave me a global prospective which changed my way of thinking.
Yihan, China, AU15
Both AU and ASEFUAN have broadened my academic horizons.
Michail, Greece, AU16
How wonderful it would be to know that there are some people in other corners of the world who would go an extra mile whenever you reach out for help and they ask for nothing in return?
Yammy, Thailand, AU9
Imagine you have a chance to meet new friends, to learn about how people live at the other end of the world, to exchange ideas and experiences with people with whom you feel you share a lot just a couple days after you meet them for the first time… this is what AU is about. The two weeks that the programme lasts are a once-in-your-life experience… that you just wish you could live over and over again.
Dani, Spain, AU11
ASEFUAN marked a turning point in my career as well as (my) 20′s new world.
Eunjeong, South Korea, AU15
ASEFUAN is a community that experiences eye-opening opportunities, and stays bonded together regardless of how far we are apart.
Ezra, Singapore, AU17
AU Alumni is meeting somewhere, learning together, separating for a while and sometimes for years, but the feeling has never changed, which makes our path on the world much closer and friendly, see u around!
Harry, Indonesia, AU11
ASEFUAN has broadened my horizon in many different ways, it has been an continuously enriching journey of discovery and friendship.
Wei, China,AU8
AU programme was a life-changing experience for me. It opened my eyes to be a “global citizen” in this world. In addition, the friendship I gained was more than invaluable. The inspiring discussion in and out of the program and everlasting friendship made AU program the biggest asset of my life.
Sungjin, South Korea, AU2